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Rotary Cup Burners

We are one of the widely acclaimed Industrial Rotary Cup Burners Importers in Indian market. We have earned the reputation of prominent Importer, due to our high quality Burners for waste fuels and heavy fuel oils. We offer unique principle of fuel atomization for heavy (Viscous) fuel oils. The basic principle on which a rotary cup burner operates is mechanical breaking of fuel into very fine particles. Our Rotary Cup Burners burner has a high-speed rotating cup operating at 5000 to 6000 rpm, depending on burner manufacturer̢۪s design, and oil is made to pass over it in the form of a thin film. As a result of the high-speed rotary motion, the fuel particles get thrown away from the centre of the cup in a particular geometry and as a result break into very fine particles. These particles when atomizes in different directions, form a conical shape which is ignited to burn the fuel. In a rotary cup burner there are separate ducts provided for primary and secondary air. The primary air contributes mainly to oil atomization process while secondary air provides sufficient air for complete combustion. The distribution of air quantity is usually 15-20% for primary air and 80 - 85% for secondary air. In addition to the above facts, our Rotary Cup Oil Burners are available for producer gas, coal gas etc.

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